Indigenous peoples
A considerable part of Peter Oudís film and video productions refer to indigenous peoples and, more in particular, their experiences with some form of self-rule. A recurrent theme is the struggle to preserve their own way of life without turning their back on the world that surrounds them and the new opportunities it offers. Six films, including two series, have been made so far:
  • We Are Here to Stay (2008)
  • Manejo Forestal (2008)
  • Rulers of the Steppe (2000)
  • A Sketch of Freedom (1994)
  • The Cross in the Desert (1992)
  • Nagayati (1991)

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Other subjects

Other films directed and produced by Peter Oud refer to a variety of issues in the field of development and international cooperation:
  • Into Africa: Daudi Ricardo's Story (2005, with Wil Hordijk)
  • Kemerovo, Past and Future (2004)
  • Chicken for a Change (1991)
  • Shaping Kenya's Future (1988)
  • N.Y.S. Training Opportunities (1987)

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Peter Oud has done consultancy work in the field of filmmaking in Chile, Zimbabwe and The Philippines.

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